San Francisco SKYDIVE

A thoroughly revised video of your skydive is the perfect means to recollect your amazing adventure. Your skydive video delivers a particular and new viewpoint to your skydive Their whole skydive is edited to provide a distinct interpretation of the initial experience, all the while incorporating music to help spell out the tempo and feeling of your skydive. The video of your 5-7 minute skydive will be burned onto a DVD for you and your family to enjoy in your home. Still photos may be featured in your video bundle relying on the dropzone you go to.

Must I provide Advance Notice

The more warning you provide, the more likely our staff will manage to reserve the best time for your San Francisco skydive. Our staff must arrange personnel to measure up to your needs, and the advance notice enables us to better serve you.

Am I allowed to carry my own individual camera?

You are encouraged to bring your own camera with you and take pics during your San Francisco Skydiving network training course, however, you will be too occupied with your San Francisco skydive to care for your video camera during the jump. Your own video equipment may be lost or damaged, that being said, our skilled videographers capture optimal video of your skydive from a range of positions and viewpoints. After all, while flying at 120 mph at 2 miles over the Ground, you will have adequate misdirections!

Could I have my friends get video or pictures?

Certainly they can! Being dependent on the quality of their camera equipment, they will have the opportunity to take photos of you flying down to earth under the canopy in addition to your fast, but effortless, landing. Maybe even pictures of you when you land to try at catching the sensation you experienced to have competently completed your very first skydive.

Could the Cameraman Film Two or More People?

The lapse of time between a pair of people jumping builds a substantial distance between them; rendering it illogical to film 2 or more people in an individual video. When the first skydiver jumps from the plane, his velocity intensifies drastically. Sealing the range between a skydiver who jumps out before you is virtually impracticable. If someone, say a videographer, were to jump away from the plane with the first skydiver, anybody who jumps out after him will be too far in the background. Attempting to film the two would certainly make the second look like an ant in the background. Without having the close shots in air, the video will not get the unique feeling that can highlight what the adventure seemed like. The personal association is what helps make your San Francisco skydive into a cherished memory. Recollect every single minute in vivid quality with a video of your own. Call 1-800-314-4067 right now!

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